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Tot Rodz

"Racing fresh from Cotati’s new, high-end customization and collision-repair shop, Eddie’s Paintworks, is Eddie’s Tot Rodz, a line of customized hot-rod pedal cars, strollers and wagons." ~Press Democrat

Welcome to Tot Rodz!™ 

We specialize in custom built Hot Rod Strollers, Pedal Cars, and Wagons. Everything is done by hand right here in California. With over 20 years experience with Custom Paint and Fabrication, I can build your child’s first Hot Rod Right.


Tot Rodz Header



Lily Tot Rod

The Queen of TotRodz in her '62 Caddy on bags

SF Giants Totrod

'32 Roadster 'Roller

Our 'Lil shop of Rodz : )

Sadface FireTruck Pedal car converted to stroller

Stock '32 Roadster Pedal car with Custom striping and interior

A's Themed Stroller