Tot Rodz

"Racing fresh from Cotati’s new, high-end customization and collision-repair shop, Eddie’s Paintworks, is Eddie’s Tot Rodz, a line of customized hot-rod pedal cars, strollers and wagons." ~Press Democrat

Welcome to Tot Rodz!™ 

We specialize in custom built Hot Rod Strollers, Pedal Cars, and Wagons. Everything is done by hand right here in California. With over 20 years experience with Custom Paint and Fabrication, I can build your child’s first Hot Rod Right.


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Lily Tot Rod

The Queen of TotRodz in her '62 Caddy on bags

SF Giants Totrod

'32 Roadster 'Roller

Our 'Lil shop of Rodz : )

Sadface FireTruck Pedal car converted to stroller

Stock '32 Roadster Pedal car with Custom striping and interior

A's Themed Stroller